A national search for the 50 most appealing photos per province eventually led to a nationwide selection of 100 photos, known as the ‘Second World War in 100 photos’. All photos, including the chosen 50 per province, are presented on, as well as videos in which (well-known) Dutch people explain their personal photo of choice. After the online presentation, the photos were also on display in the Amsterdam Resistance Museum and in the House of Representatives in The Hague.

Client: NIOD

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The search for the 50 most appealing photos had already generated a lot of national and regional press attention for the project. The national announcement of ‘the 100 photos’ on Monday 4 May, followed by a broadcast at the NOS, completed the success. The broadcast was watched by more than a million people and there was also a lot of attention in media such as the Volkskrant, the AD, the various RTV broadcasters and on social media.


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