Traces of freedom

How do you get people who live in fast-speed to reflect on the freedom they enjoy every day? The 65-year liberation campaign consists of a 100-meter-long train that runs 5 weeks in the timetable of the National Railways until 5 May. The train, site and campaign are designed in such a way that you actually have to stand still in order to discover the texts that the visual material is made of. In the coupés film material is shown about war and freedom, related to where you are at that moment. An interactive world map shows peace missions since 1945. The campaign and exhibition were awarded a Gouden Reiger, for ‘best event’.

Client: The National Committee for 4 and 5 May

Launch video

Mobile exhibition

Abri and flyer



The outdoor and print campaign reached 5 million people, the many celebrities (from Willem-Alexander to Edgar Davids) ensured a large PR range and 1.6 million Dutch followed the NOS broadcast on May 5 from the train. In 2011 ‘Traces of Freedom’ won the Gouden Reiger award for best event of 2010.

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