Tikkie x VEED

The VEED award show, celebrating the best YouTube performers, was held in AFAS Live. Entirely in Tikkie style (one of the sponsors) the YouTube idols were captured in a GIF on the pink carpet. On stage they could pose in front of the built-in camera for an ‘on stage selfie’ with, as a bonus, fans going wild in the background. The on stage selfies were projected live on large screens in AFAS and instantly shared on the social channels of Tikkie, VEED and of the YouTube stars.

Client: Tikkie

Aftermovie VEED awards

LIVE GIF selfies on stage

Pink carpet GIFs


During and in the few days after the VEED awards 2019 we reached around 2 million people, largely because well-known YouTubers such as StukTV, Kalvijn, Beautynezz and many others have actively posted the Tikkie GIFs.