TomTom’s Secret Services

How do you explain to your customers that their sat nav has way more options than they know (without making them and TomTom, with their ‘no manual needed’ proposition, look stupid)? You tell them it was kept a secret on purpose! Secret Services reveals how your TomTom reads your children bedtime stories. And how you can delete your recent destinations… (the most frequently asked question to TomTom’s customer service). Secret Services is an interactive, international manual, full of undiscovered features and an official ‘don’t tell tell a friend’-option. The only trigger was a direct email, rewarded with an opening-rate of 40% and CTR of 25% (= 62,5% of opened emails!). attracted over 1.100.000 TomTom-users worldwide in less than a week. The campaign was awarded a Webby Award.

Client: TomTom International